Thursday, July 7, 2011

what is "it".....

i posted this statement on my facebook page.

‎..."it" is a sweet, sweet blessing when the past starts to become the past. 
the pain fades...and life starts to become less of a blur. 
2 years of growth = 30 years of insight. 
i would say "it" REALLY is ALL worth "it"....100%. 
broken heart and all. 
moving to the next phase....a little bit stronger....

when you say "it" is all worth it....what exactly is "it"?

"it" is something different for each and every single one of us.

you have your very own "it" that makes life worth living. 
life worth coming back to.  
life worth holding on to NO MATTER WHAT.

here is the beautiful thing...

YOUR  very own "it" has brought you to the place you are. 
did you know that?

"it" can be and has been SO MANY things.
happy, sad, confusing, enlightening and EVERYTHING in between.

each "it" has a novel behind it. 
a meaning. 
a CHANCE for your SOUL to become all "it" can be.

"it" is something that adds to the very essence of our being.
each "it" is and was necessary.
no matter how crazy, or lost or confusing or exhilarating or heart wrenching "it" is at the time your are experiencing "it".

"it" is a gift.
straight from the heavens.
handed right to you at the very moment you need "it"

two little letters.
who knew "it" was such a big deal?



 always will be.

so go with "it"
don't sweat "it"
"it" is what "it" is....
make "it" yours.
be brave.

that is "it".



  1. great post angela! Makes you really think about all the times you use that word.

  2. I love the way you think! I love what you post that makes me think :) THANK YOU!

  3. I just love you... that is "it".