Friday, July 15, 2011

journey. it is long...but so very short. you journey through life choose your destination wisely  ---- but don't hurry there.  
you will arrive soon enough.  
wander the back roads, the forgotten paths, the unknown ways,  as you keep your dreams in your heart as the light that guides you.  

seek out new voices, strange sights and bold ideas.  
such things are rich for the soul. 

....if upon your arrival you find your destination is not exactly as you dreamed it would be, don't be disappointed - think of all you would have missed if not for the journey there.  
know that the true worth of your travels lies not just in 
where you come to be, but in who you became along the way. 
-written by linda stanton

who we become along the way...
that is so huge.
who we become along the way...

a couple years ago - very soon after making some very poor decisions in my life someone wrote THIS on their FACEBOOK page.
and my heart KNEW it was just for me.

i had heard it a MILLION times.
read it often
i had quoted it MYSELF..... 

due to CERTAIN circumstances at that moment in my life.....this was a HUGE REMINDER - and it really MEANT something.  
light. bulb. moment.

i think we just need to know that really, without doubt. we are perfect in every way.
where we are at.
....the VERY MOMENT we are there.
no matter WHERE everyone else is at the very same time.

in the last couple years....
i have made decisions - lots of them that were not all necessarily aligned with WHO i am.
...and guess what  - finally - i have realized,  that is alright.
it is more than alright - it is perfect....
in every SINGLE way.

creating ourselves is a VERY beautiful thing.
with every RIGHT decision - or quote, unquote - "WRONG" decision - not to mention - EVERY typical decision in between,,,
we are painting the canvas of our lives.
 a story.
whether it be moments of tragedy.  or beauty. mystery. simplicity. or just plain boring.
it is all necessary to get to where we are going.
ya know?

last night i attended a sweet little party.
so many different walks of life where there.
80 years old down to....the youngest in the room - perhaps 30?
that is a 50 year time span!!!
we all laughed...and appreciated every minute together.
i took a moment to look around at the wealth of experience.
from the woman that could not have ice in her drink due to health reasons in her old age, to the mama sitting on the leather recliner nursing her first tiny baby.
each one of them, inside....feels the same.
wanting to hold on to dreams, life, full of anticipation of what is to come.

no matter what -
we ALL continue to CREATE OURSELVES - at ANY and EVERY age.
so as you take your adventure forward in this life.
keep in mind.
YOU are your very own artist, .
a canvas is in your hands at EVERY moment.

add every color you desire.
over and over and over again.
i know you can.
i know you will.

no matter where you are at on your journey.
and really try to LOVE every single step.


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