Friday, July 29, 2011

ripple. effects. or is it {A}ffects? either know what i mean.

one decision.
has a ripple effect.
at each and every moment.
even the teenie tiny ones.
even the ones we don't consciously DECIDE on.
isn't that crazy?

  a LOOK we don't necessary intend to have on our face...
our body language...
our laughter....
our sadness.....
our whispers....
even just our presence....

we consistently send forth ripple effects, AKA: our ENERGY. - out to all those around us.
at all times, in every moment.

when you really stop to think about it.
the interconnection of your life with the lives of others is SO beautiful. can cause SO MANY different emotions at all times.

no matter how hard we try...
we don't always get the results from our actions that we want...
even if we have the best of intentions.

so how do we find peace with the fact our lives impact other lives so very much?
how are we SURE that everything we do is causing the effect that we WANT it to?
sorry to is impossible.

people are going to interpret your words your actions, and just plain YOU - according to their own experiences.
they have no way of knowing where YOU are in your life, nobody shares ALL the same experiences.  they only know where they are, what they have been through.
....and ALL is interpreted accordingly.

every now and then people will misinterpret your intentions.
every now and then YOU YOURSELF will misinterpret your intentions.
PERFECTION in all of us is SO FAR AWAY.
and that is alright. 
we are just doing the best we know how with where we are at.
...and remembering that about EVERYONE is so very important.

we should use it always.  or at least try VERY hard to.
and along with that....
all you can really do is....
and go with it.

with confidence.
and FEEL the LOVE all around.
just the way you are.


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