Thursday, November 3, 2011

what? i have a CHOICE?

.... a universal paradox. 
consequence of choice.
thinking about that one....
free to choose, but not FREE from the consequence of your choice.
really, would you want to be free of the consequences? 
i wouldn't.  
pretty please.

years and years of CHOICES make us! 
choices SHAPE the individuals that we are.

we CHOSE {past}, we CHOOSE {present}, and we WILL always be MAKING CHOICES {future}
...and then we experience.

....consequence seems like a harsh word.
it's not.
it is SIMPLY the experience we have to the decisions we make.
good & bad.

i think if i could re-write the above....if i were going to pass something down to my boys - it would read the following.

YOU are FREE to choose.
YOU are FREE to your own perspective on the results of your choice.

YOUR CHOICES and the PERSPECTIVE of the results of your choices 
THAT is what MAKES YOU.... you.
...always has, always will.
Make YOUR CHOICE worth it.
then own it.

life is ONE great big BEAUTIFUL MAZE of choices.
i have watched  people in MY LIFE make choices, so selfless it brings me to my knees with pride.
i have watched choices come full circle and connect with immeasurable love.
from our choices come OUR STORIES.
chapters of our lives.
we  make choices that put our souls in a holding place, 
 ...cause hearts to shatter into a million pieces.

we make choices that are tucked deep down, under lock and key that only we will draw and grow from.
but through it all.....
we should always OWN them, treasure them, grow from them.
and continue to do so all our lives.
don't let your choices BREAK YOU let them MAKE you.
no matter what.

when you OWN something it is yours.
yours to understand, yours to learn from, yours to be proud of. 


LOVE em'.
choose. with. passion. and persistence.

xoxo, ang.

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