Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If At First You Dont Succeed...

Fail[fayl]: to be unsuccessful in trying to do something.

Impressive, are they not? Famous actresses. Exceptional athletes. Unprecedented presidents. Life-changing inventions. These people are amazing. Extraordinary, even.

But that is not what this video is really about. While these people really were phenomenal, it was not about their accomplishments.

This video is not about failure, either.

This video is about trying, no matter how big or small your goals. It is about effort. It is about guts. And grit. About having the courage to give something a try. To give it your all. Over and over and over again. It is about taking a risk and doing something you are passionate about.

Maybe you will fail. Or perhaps you will succeed.

But how will you know if you never try?

And that is the thing. That is the keyword in the definition above. It is not about being unsuccessful. It is about trying, no matter what the outcome. Just try. You cannot possibly fail if you do not try. Yet, if you never try, you will never excel either, will you?

And if you never try, if you never take that risk, you will never really live.

Tonight, my birds, just try. Do not focus on the outcome. Rather, focus on your efforts. On your courage. Your guts, your grit, your passion. Focus on yourself, and what you know to be true. Do not worry yourself with what other people say. Do not allow yourself to be dismissed. Do not be bothered by doubt. Have faith in yourself and know that if you try, if you take that risk, you will live. And as you live, you shall fly. 


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