Friday, November 25, 2011

....doing it anyway.

don't ya just feel that way sometimes?
just plain ready to give up rather than dig in again and "get through it"

i have the notion to go get another tattoo that says the following:

"she did it anyway."

because we do.
we have.
and we continue to just keep on keepin' on.
we dig deep and from somewhere inside us we find yet another bundle of energy to push us through.
or perhaps it is somewhere above us....or someONE right beside us that gives us that extra bit of courage and strength.

whatever way you get through those "feelings" , my hope is that the next time you feel as though you "can't do it anymore"...
YOU tell yourself you CAN, you WILL and you DO.
because LIFE is worth it. 
those you LOVE are worth it.
and most of all - my beautiful - never before created,  unique and amazing individual soul.....
YOU are worth it.


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