Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Can Fly?

Any of us wanting to give back. Any of us hoping to share our lived and learned knowledge. Any of us looking for a second chance...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 w/ Pastor Paul

~Is it true that “opportunity knocks but once”? – It may seem so.
Often a person waits in vain for a business opportunity to be repeated. How many have wished they had invested a few dollars in a certain business venture which later became a financial success! – A dollar invested in the beginning would be worth thousands today... but it’s too late, they tell themselves, to cash in on the opportunity now. Perhaps it is; but there are other business opportunities today just as promising to an investor if he is willing to take the risk.

One does not sit in a courtroom very long before he hears expressions of vain regrets; “I didn’t mean to do it.” or, “If I had only known what would happen, I would have acted differently.” Persons in trouble fondly wish they could undo the past and have a chance to live the time over again, but it is impossible to recapture those same opportunities. – They are gone forever.

He who wastes his opportunities must face the consequences. But there are always new opportunities by which, if we try, we may in some measure redeem the past.

Many folk have botched their lives but have arisen from their gloom, squared their shoulders, and gone out into the arena of life to try again. – And many who failed the first time have succeeded the second.

The same is true in spiritual matters. Some of the strongest, most fruitful Christians are people who failed God in earlier life but arose from defeat and, with God’s help, tried again. - Proverbs 24:16 says, “... for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity.”

Any of us looking for a second chance? – Here it is... don’t miss it!~

I have lived up to this point in my life with so many little sayings... "I can do anything I put my mind to", "fail to plan and plan to fail" , "fake it until you make it". Up to January 1st, 2011, I had myself convinced I could handle anything life would hand me... I was completely wrong. My brother taking his own life was not only the end of his life but the end of my life as I knew it. Not only will I never have that relationship again but also the relationships I had with all the people in my life will never be the same. Some of the changes are not so good but most of the changes are beautiful. Slowly, with the help of God, my husband and so many wonderful friends I am adjusting to the new me. Our family will always have a missing link but what has been added to my life is the grace of God. I feel love in such a different way now and for that I am truly blessed. I will always long for the chance to go back and fix things... but I know now that I can help others as I move forward with MY life.

So Who Can 'Fly'? Any of us that dare to embrace one another. Any of us brave enough to try.

Our prayer for this week is that we celebrate Your greatness and faithfulness to us in making us partakers of Your Kingdom now and in all that is yet to occur. May we in good faith join together in prayer and faith, with excitement and expectation, as we grow in Your grace and love not only for ourselves, but for all mankind. We pray this in Your Name ~Amen.

Sara Lester