Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tonight, I was sitting by the pool watching the kids swim.  My niece said to my sister, "Mom, I want a new sister.  Kenna's mean."  Oh to be 3 years old and believe that if someone ticks you off, you can simply trade them in for a new or better version.  What if we could do this?  Would this make our lives better?  Would we be happier people if we didn't have to "deal" with those people that are mean, cruel, dishonest, or unfaithful?  I would like to say, "Yes, this would make me happier."  However, we all know we can't wave our magic wand and turn everyone into a prince or princess.

 I have the serenity prayer on a plaque in my house that I read everyday: 
"God, GRANT me the SERENTIY to accept the things I can NOT change,
the COURAGE to change the things I CAN,
and the WISDOM to know the difference."

I need to remind myself of this quite often.  I want to be able to snap my fingers and change others' attitudes, beliefs, behaviors etc.  However, I need to accept the fact that I can not do this.  I am only in charge of myself.  I can decide how I am going to behave each day, the attitude I am going to carry with me, and the reaction I am going to have to those "mean" people.  Have any of you ever thought that maybe it's not the OTHER person that needs to check their attitude or behavior, but maybe it's YOU. 

We are all such different people.  We are going to encounter people that we might not get along with, we may not like them, we may not even be able to tolerate them...however, YOU can make the CHOICE to embrace those around you...or let them fall. 

I encourage you all to 'check' your attitude...'check' your behavior...and 'check' your responses to those you encounter.  Are the people you meet on the street, walk past in the store, work with, and those you hang out with going to leave your encounter wanting to spend more time with you...or wishing they could "upgrade" you to something better. 

So, my hope for all of us is that we have the WISDOM to understand the things we can and cannot change...and remember that when we are pointing a finger at someone that we desperately want to "trade in"...there are three more fingers pointing back at us.  What changes do you need to make today?

Angie Rudningen

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  1. i was just thinking of this prayer earlier today, angie :)