Friday, April 13, 2012


I love it. I love that moment just before it reaches me, where I get to stop and forget about my world. Forget about the life that seems to be leading me. About the worries and chaos and demands and stresses that have a tendency to culminate before a meltdown. I love being able to STOP.


To notice that note of peace on the horizon, right before I feel it on my skin.

It's an amazing feeling, when you take the time to notice your senses kicking in. First, you see the clouds. You feel the breeze. You hear the birds and grass and the air getting excited for what's to come. The winds pick up, and your body tenses in anticipation of the uncertain whirl of nature that's about to happen. You prepare. You batten down the hatches.


And then, the eerie quiet.

You adjust.

You relax.

You BREATHE, and the smell is so beautiful, all of your senses seem to want it at once. To touch, smell, see, hear, taste anything they can, just to get a shred of the beautiful peace.

And then the rain arrives.

Whether it's a light sprinkle, a solid sheet, or a thunderstorm, it arrives. And your senses fight in a new way. Everything is more intense, more tuned in, and no part of you wants to leave this place. You're fighting to stay in this place of uncertainty, because in some part of you, it feels RIGHT.

What you do in this moment depends on YOU. Embrace, run from, or fight the feeling of LIFE. Of being truly and amazingly ALIVE.


With this fresh rain, you've been given a shred of the knowledge, that after this, it WILL get better.

That you have a chance to start over again.

And again.

And again.

That the peace will always come, if you choose to EMBRACE it.

And BREATHE again.


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