Friday, April 6, 2012

My nature is so full of weakness.

One year ago this Easter I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Before this I would have said my faith in God was true. I believed he existed and never questioned he created us and the entire world.

It wasn't until four months before last Easter did I discover just how broken I and my relationship with God was.

When my brother Adam took his own life, my world was shattered to a million pieces.
Satin rushed in and had his way when I wasn't looking or bothering to look. I was blinded by the busyness of self-involvement.

Little did Satin know what God could turn my guilt into.

Christ saves the lost and for me I had to be completely destroyed before I could see just how lost I am and to understand my need for a savior.

I lived by my successes and didn't see them as blessings. My achievements were just that MINE. It was not until I found myself lost could I see how much the sin of pride was poisoning me.

Last summer I ran away or so I thought, pride once again thinking I was in control. What it really was, was God putting me in a timeout.

During this intervention with God I responded from all directions. I argued and refused to admit I did something wrong. I put the blame on others and even blamed Adam. Then when I found the wrong within me I for a time hung on to how horrible I was and beat myself up emotionally.

But God never left me. I read the word from morning to night and prayed for clarity on how I was to carry on and what that was to look like.

God healed my heart of guilt. I now not only believe God loves me but I can feel it.

I try to live daily for Him and that clarity I so needed to see for my future has come. It's in the form of helping others with their grief and I’m sharing the Grace, the very expensive Grace of the Cross.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son.

Pray of the week: Lord, your son has suffered so much, shed so much blood. I was born with so many faults and my nature is so full of weakness, and yet your son Jesus has died on the cross for me. I know your grace has the power to cleanse me of my many sins and to make me more like your Son. Thank you for your goodness and love for me. I ask you, Father, to watch over us all - always. I pray this in Jesus’ name. ~Amen.

Happy Easter! ..☆ . ƸӜƷ¸.☆. ~Sara

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  1. Truly amazing post Sara. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and opening your heart to us all. You are such a beautiful person with such a beautiful soul:) Love you friend!