Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I LOVE this time of year...picking out the tree...decorating the tree...creating a HUGE mess while making Christmas cookies...wrapping presents and watching the kids snoop under the tree...lights...garlin...stockings...and the spirit of BELIEVING!

I'm sure many of you heard the saying this time of year, "If you don't believe, you don't receive."  I heard someone say that the other day, and I thought to myself..."That is SO true for my life."  I've lived the majority of my life not believing...not believing in MYSELF!  I was never pretty enough, never skinny enough, never fast enough, never strong enough, never tall enough, never smart enough...I spent alot of my life disliking myself...full of guilt...full of shame...full of resentment...full of jealousy...and always wanting what I didn't have.  I was never just happy with what I had right in front of me, and I began to chase happiness.  "Once I have _______, I will be happy."  "Once I do _______, I will be happy."  I blamed others around me for my lack of happiness because I was counting on them to make me life spiraled downward and I had no choice but to find my happiness.  This was VERY hard for me because it wasn't something I was used to.  There was pain, there was hurt, there were tears, there were times I wanted my life to end...and then, my happiness seemed to sneak right in the door that I didn't know I left open.  My happiness came to me when I started living my life for ME...working hard to heal old wounds...turning it all over to GOD...and most of all, when I started to BELIEVE in MYSELF!

So my friends, I ask you what is in the way of YOUR believing?  I've learned that life is not easy...but it's what you make of it.  Don't stop believing...don't shut the door on something you don't think is possible to have anymore...don't give up HOPE.  Believe and you shall RECEIVE!

Angie Rudningen

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