Friday, February 24, 2012

You tried to kill yourself??

You want to die? Many people right now are asking why.

Your mom and your sister are terrified and mad, crying or yelling or maybe both and they are asking why. Your friends are pacing with disbelief. They are searching their mind for ways to help and are asking why. Why did you do this? Why do you want to die?

How can you possible think this is the answer to your problems? Strike that… because it is an answer but how dare you to think you can just walk out on everyone. You have people in your life whether you want them there or not. You don’t have a choice in it. Telling them to go away, leave you be, and thinking they all would be better off without you is not going to lessen the pain that you will cause if you murder yourself!

Stop lying to the doctors, your family and yourself. Admit that you tried to end your life and let them help you.

I get it. You don’t want help. All you want is to end your pain. You want to die but you know what you don’t get to. You don’t have that choice.

I wish you could feel my heart for one day. Then you would have an idea what this decision would do to those around you. You would understand how even though you see me and think “she’s ok, she got over her brother suicide” you would learn that is how I’m seen on the outside. If you could get in and take a look you would see the gaping wound within me. The injury that will never heal… my brother did that.

Removing yourself from the lives of those that care about you doesn't relieve them from the problems that you think you’re the cause of now. Killing yourself will cause so much pain and guilt that any inconvenience you may be causing your family and friends now would be longed for. I so wish I could have my brother back at his worse…

I beg you, stop this. Turn and go the other way. There is a different way. There is help and it does work! If you don’t find worth in living for yourself then live for the lives that are attached to yours. Because you will hurt them and that hurt will remain forever! Life is not about how fast you can run or how high you can climb but how well you rebound. Your life means something!

Lord Jesus: we ask that you help everyone who is suicidal.
Guide them so they may receive the help that they need.
Protect them.
Prevent them from dying by suicide.
We need them. We love them.
Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus.
Provide them with everything that they need Lord.
Ease their pain.
Give them hope.
Give them comfort.
Give them guidance.
Help them heal.
And help them in every way possible.
Embrace them, Lord Jesus, with your love.
We pray this in Jesus’ name. ~Amen.

Hugs to you friend, I'm here and I care ~Sara

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