Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Three C's

As a life and wellness coach, one of the many things that I do on a regular basis is help my clients as they implement positive changes in their lives.  The changes that are made look different for each and every client, of course, but there is always one common denominator in the work that they do:  They must take it upon themselves to change something that they are thinking, feeling, or doing in order to feel more satisfied with themselves and the lives that they lead.  Most simply stated, they must have the courage to make a choice, or their life will never change.

And these choices, this change does indeed take courage.  As I have said many times in previous columns, change is rarely easy.   Change can be scary.  Change can be confusing.  And sometimes, change is none of these things and it is just different.  When we have been doing things “our way” for so long, it is not easy to relinquish our perception of control, to ask for help, and to simply imagine doing things differently than we have done before, much less knowing what to do and actually following through with it. 

And because of the difficulty that often accompanies change, I am continuously moved by the courage that people display as they make new choices in hopes of bettering themselves.  To take their lives into their own hands and create their own destiny. To show vulnerability as they share their stories.  And to ask for help, guidance, and gentle direction as they move forward.  I admire their willingness to face uncertainty and try to do something differently.  I am proud of them when they display new insight and awareness as they learn things about themselves, change their perspective, and turn obstacles into triumphs.  I am excited for them when I see that they have made a conscious decision to create happier, healthier lifestyle, and begin making positive changes that support their choice to do so.

I have the utmost appreciation for people that live with such intention because of the courage that is required to do so.  Because of the leap of faith they are taking.  The acceptance that has been displayed.  The willingness to falter, be imperfect, and rise above their struggles.  And the bravery it takes to do all these things while also being just who they are and aspiring to evolve.

Just as I said last week, the journey of life does not happen in our comfort zone.  There are times in our lives that we will have the courage to make the choice to venture out to unknown territory and test our limits.  Times that we bravely learn what we are made of and discover who we are and what incredible feats we are capable of.  Times that we boldly move forward, making the decision to change our lives for the better. 

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